Tess Tennessee Miller is based in Detroit.     She studied  Audio Visual art at the Gerrit Rietvelt Academy in Amsterdam.   She has lived and worked in Amsterdam / Berlin / NY and Detroit.

Tess Tennessee Miller works as an artist  / musician /  designer / maker.

Tess Tennessee Miller produces experimental electronic music.    The music is driven by rhythm, with loops of drums, vocals, drum machines, synthesizers, blending into a viceral yet beautiful rhythmic structure.            Heavy flowing bass lines, dark spaces, and light crevices.

As a fine artist often has a strong performative aspect, she explores the boundaries between artist and audience. In this process everyone is vulnerable and entangled in mutual attack, play and seduction. These events are often supported by the construction of a self-built room or a site, made from recycled or second hand materials.     This work does not accept the world or its power structures as they are and will attempt to challenge them.   To abandon, means to enter the moment. To seduce, means to invite into the moment.  To be present is to experience.  And to create is to attempt to open this to others.



Be present.


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