DETROIT’s an institution schooling the world on how to get to moving ”     5ela/Jdilla


Often I find myself speaking of the power of Detroit music, as it is something I am deeply influenced by.    Detroit is the birthplace of techno, the home of J Dilla.   The music which comes out of Detroit is powerful and influential.   It is the pulse of Bass, expansiveness of frequencies, hard pulsing, real and truthful.

Many people newcomers and natives do not  always know about this music.    We wanted to create a playlist, post Motown.   A playlist that explores some of the most powerful and conscious music which comes out of this city.       Please explore!   Expand your horizons!   Detroit vibes.

contributions from

Alia Benabdellah-Pickel   who is writing her Doctorate of detroit music   

Master Communication Culturelle Université Paris Sorbonne-Nouvelle
Doctorante Sociologie & Géographie Humaine Université Bordeaux-Montaigne
Rédactrice et responsable de la communication chez High Five Magazine

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