We are searching
demanding a space to develop a discourse

an investigation of multiple modalities of discourse; discourse is not only words, but action, behavior, exploration

a platform which gives us space to explore

a stronghold, access to space, collaboration, in order to progress/engage

(exploration of) (indication toward) new economic and social modalities, which are sustainable and invigorating

to ( re ) establish the necessity or art and artistic engagement



I move around this world, speaking to people, the man at the Bodega, with his 16 hour days, the meat workers whose wage fell to the minimum wage within the past years, kitchen workers 6 day a week 12 hour shifts; popping heart meds/5 hour energy/ scraps of bacon when no one is looking.
They are speaking, we are speaking.
(felt this thing shaking inside of me, as I spoke with the Mexicans, mucho trabajo, no me gusta, we go on to speak of dancing, when will they dance again)

capitalism is trying to hold itself up on shaky legs us, we, all knowing that there are other ways of being in relation to each other and to the world.

The passion that we share for engaging, exploring, developing, is a place of enormous power It is time right now!

If there is a solid frame, a solid structure, the a space for engagement and discourse is open.

to inspire, uphold, uplight each other (and the world)
that “life” is a complex and multifaceted thing, something connected to
this is going to be a powerful platform for engagement and exploration
a place for passion so it does not collapse in

(tess walkowski for rupture dust)

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