In front of me I watched the narrative change.

And I became confused, where what I was talking about at one moment became something else

suddenly the words were scewed
and my own tongue twisted around itself.

fear is the veil they want to put over your eyes
your hands are strong
your arms are strong we are all other

Just an edge of sound
With nothing else
The sound you need when you
Need to forget some other sounds and just be a body in space and just be a body.on a rhythmic oblivion.

it’s in the voice

the believe you own it….to think it yours….to tie it with identity….
: break with this

to better find the power of the words you NEED to say

to know that one has been other

and to know another side

the reach …. it has become …. very empty…. so that when something begings, the echo has already taken it into distortion

we have to feel our way

an animal navigation
an animal, like sometimes with a fear spikes back

not safe

the rivulets, like remnants

a reality placed like crystaline






they took it
or you gave it

they take it
don’t you give it
use it
dont you give it
use it

Beats should overwhelm. Pull you in with their power. And the message should ride on top. Full. Blooming. Real. Deep. Not artiface. Not superficiality. Not irony. Not pop.
Beats should make you wake the fuck up not keep you tied to a tired loop.

It is a slow and deliberate expansion of the limits…. Finding them, searching them, pushing them, weaving and dropping them.
To remove all limits at once would be disastrous…. As I would fumble and grasp and stutter, perhaps producing only fluff. Pop.

Which is one of the reasons why at this moment, when faced with the decision, I will leave computers and software interfaces out of my live rig. For now. rig.

I prefer to fight within limitsbr/>