I live through love, I tear at it in the darkness, I wait for it, lonely and quiet, with years of disbelief and disconect. I sharpen myself, I walk into grassy fields and I breath myself in; and breath the air. I am lonely.

I push and pull, terrified and dreaming, I sharpen myself. I am running, I am pushing, I am learning of silence and of sound, of a supreme dissconection, disillusion and pain; I am the invisible one, the unknown one, the foresaken, the forgotten.

My beloved appears from the shadows, years later, when I dance and move, and breath, and no longer expect, and my beloved multiplies before my eyes, into so many loves, beyond what I ever dreamed, and I am at once in this divine place again……somewhere primal, somewhere where my body, is itself, a becoming light, a becoming dark, a becoming only physical impulse, pulse, in and out.

and all of my pushing has been seen, all along, and you know exactly what I am, where I have been, and how I have gotten to where I am.

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