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I live through love, I tear at it in the darkness, I wait for it, lonely and quiet, with years of disbelief and disconect. I sharpen myself, I walk into grassy fields and I breath myself in; and breath the air. I am lonely.

I push and pull, terrified and dreaming, I sharpen myself. I am running, I am pushing, I am learning of silence and of sound, of a supreme dissconection, disillusion and pain; I am the invisible one, the unknown one, the foresaken, the forgotten.

My beloved appears from the shadows, years later, when I dance and move, and breath, and no longer expect, and my beloved multiplies before my eyes, into so many loves, beyond what I ever dreamed, and I am at once in this divine place again……somewhere primal, somewhere where my body, is itself, a becoming light, a becoming dark, a becoming only physical impulse, pulse, in and out.

and all of my pushing has been seen, all along, and you know exactly what I am, where I have been, and how I have gotten to where I am.

the expanse of love, is again, and again, and again, the opening, and then the traversing over, of the void.

a window is open, outside, fire. A lure. A guidepost.

Do it as often as possible, until it is lit up, light up. Be calm, calm as possible, when it gives you darkness, when it spits once again the void back at you.

You knew, you were hallow, empty, you purged, you approached, and there, there you got that naked other, so near your tongue, so inside your eyes, and backwards. Want. Wanting. Ignite. Ignition.

At rare glimpses we have it.

Move closer. More Often.

outside there are lights moving, and bodies moving, but my own body is still a formless craving, gasping at the beauty of those fluctuation, enabling others

where you going to get that fire?

and I ask them to sit some, my eye gasp, body heavy, body; mind sharp.

“darling, we are going to have to break some shit, to give each other what we want….. I only hope that you are up for it. “