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Do you remember the first moment which you felt it, the moment, which screamingly seemed to tell you what you could and would be capable of? The world seemed to open in front of you; in all of its awe. You saw something you could never reach, a perfection you would strive for, move around, explore, investigate. encourage and open.
It is not a joke. What saves is the idea that reality is tangible, pliable; that this hardness which is placed upon one in the early years; the escape I always found, was in art, where I listened, and saw, and read voices, that spoke their messages through to the very core of me.

there are those moments when you are not there, when there is nothing at all to lift you, to elevate you, move you, and you turn, inward; sour or outward, grasping and fumbling, perhaps it is better to wallow for a moment in the soft misery, biding your time patiently, in wait of the next chord, the next light, the next sublime human interaction, which will sweep you into it with all of its force. Just wait. And remember.