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Something, an extreme dark force, a trauma, a swirl, a dull pain reeling through the core of the body.
Terror and pain as a sharp prick
things taken without reason
and yet, this mixes, at times, merges
silken surfaces push against it, with a joy which is possible only when one has this horror, like a weight which.one must both escape and carry.

there are those moments when you are not there, when there is nothing at all to lift you, to elevate you, move you, and you turn, inward; sour or outward, grasping and fumbling, perhaps it is better to wallow for a moment in the soft misery, biding your time patiently, in wait of the next chord, the next light, the next sublime human interaction, which will sweep you into it with all of its force. Just wait. And remember.

“Anybody can do as I do — work just as slowly as I, and better. All you have to do is rid yourself of certain tastes, and sacrifice a few pleasures.

I am not at all virtuous, but I am consistent.

And though I have great needs (which I never mention), I would rather be a wretched monitor in a school than write four lines for money.

I could have been rich; I said fuck all that, and I continue to live like a Bedouin, in my desert and my pride.

Shit, shit, shit: Such is my motto.

And I embrace you tenderly.”

gustav flaubert