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It front of me there was a black hole, in the smoke of a burning building.
Someone had asked me the night before the meaning of the word void.

The void is an emptyness, and an everything.

When I saw the cloud of black smoke in front of me, I experiences a feeling of slight terror, as something was consumed.

The sky was a bright blue and the cloud was black.

I was at the edge of things. Ready to go deep into things.

Explosive force. I like volitaile things. Small explosions.


I was so near to the abyss, which I had long since craved, the feeling of something moving over me and in me. A bit dark. A bit surging.

Something, an extreme dark force, a trauma, a swirl, a dull pain reeling through the core of the body.
Terror and pain as a sharp prick
things taken without reason
and yet, this mixes, at times, merges
silken surfaces push against it, with a joy which is possible only when one has this horror, like a weight which.one must both escape and carry.