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learning to accept desire and all of its intricacies is an arduous process.
Desire has become so mutated to a base level; being represented as though it is something which can be satisfied, food, sex.
Sex and food being two things, the pleasure of which can be much more intense than just the consumption of the object.
there is a more complex, perhaps primordial desire.

standing inside of it, experiencing desire and want as a force which penetrates the entire body, it begins it’s slow mutation, staying in this desire itself, letting it well up like a wavelike force inside of you, this is the void and the terror

the expanse of love, is again, and again, and again, the opening, and then the traversing over, of the void.

a window is open, outside, fire. A lure. A guidepost.

Do it as often as possible, until it is lit up, light up. Be calm, calm as possible, when it gives you darkness, when it spits once again the void back at you.

You knew, you were hallow, empty, you purged, you approached, and there, there you got that naked other, so near your tongue, so inside your eyes, and backwards. Want. Wanting. Ignite. Ignition.

At rare glimpses we have it.

Move closer. More Often.